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Consistent dog walking with proper leash training

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Proper Leash Walking


A Big Dog House owner Mark Mcgee illustrates proper leash walking regardless of the equipment.

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A Big Dog House pack leader Nami

A Big Dog House Mission

Mission Statement:
Our primary focus at A Big Dog House is to improve the physical and mental disposition of your dog through consistent dog walking.


There is an Intimate Conversation to be heard on every dog walk when one knows what to listen for!

Step One
Schedule a Meet and Greet or Walk Along (free of charge) to determine if we are a good match.

Step Two
Confirm scheduled visit times, expectations and access.

Step Three
Let us make your life easier! You will experience an immediate change in your dogs quality of life and day-to-day behavior.

Watch as other escalating negative behaviors dissipate as a result of our consistent walk schedule.


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Proper Leash Training

Proper Leash Walking (No Pulling) is a fundamental discipline that spans all genres of dog training and is the standard we strive for your dog to demonstrate after walking with one of our handlers.

Thanks to Pug Life for allowing us to use the photo and video on our website!

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Watch the video below we shot with the great people over at Pug Life
to showcase some of the features of their revolutionary products.
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The Pug Life Harness

A Big Dog House is proud to have teamed up with the amazing
crew over at Pug Life, based in sunny Los Angeles, California.


“The Pug Life Harness is for dog owners who want an easy way for better walks with their dog.”

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