A Big Dog House


Meet Max and Luna!

Max and Luna are dedicated and work with Mr McGoo at A BIG DOG HOUSE.

Max and Luna volunteer and will show up for school, work related events, and they  utilize their time to VOLUNTEER, educate and heal people through Luna his 2 yr old Labrador.  ABDH is honored that Max will blog and interact with his and our followers, so subscribe to A BIG DOG HOUSE and follow Max and Luna as they spread there smiles from schools and vet centers in the valley or rehabilitation facilities or homeless shelters on the beaches.  Follow Max and Luna as they visit birthday parties, juvenile centers, Rehabs, planned living centers, schools, day care centers and or recreational activity with the dog.

Luna was born in January 2011, and came home in April and let me share that since day one, we knew she was special.  Luna was so smart and never barked, because she was able to make everyone that saw her, happy.

Luna is so comfortable around people, strangers and other animals that her  trademark pose is lying flat on her back, inviting everyone to rub her tummy. Luna is full of spirit and you can just sense it when she looks at you. I noticed this over and over when we go on walks or when we do charity runs together. I know her calling is to heal not only those who are sick – young or once young – but those who are doing just fine and don’t even notice that everyone can use a little healing everyday.

Although I reached out to some organizations about learning how to have Luna certified and accredited to visit hospitals, prisons, orphanages…I never got the communication I needed to get her available to the world. We are going to collaborate with A BIG DOG HOUSE to finally figure out and find a way we can make your day just a little better.