K thru 9 Dog Training

Theo has to be the first one through every time I pull out the red tube!
Theo has to be the first one through every time I pull out the red tube!

“K thru 9” Training is a term we’ve created that embodies the fundamentals our society has come to accept (kindergarten thru 9), and realize, as basic but necessary curriculum in our public school system and applied that importance of standard to our “hybrid training program.”

Positive Results

Post consultation, A Big Dog House will immediately set the stage for your dog to experience success via win win situations rewarded with verbal praise, positive association, recreational activities and continued productive challenges. Our mental approach for training techniques always target to improve your dogs confidence and self esteem. The results produced will reflect an improved mindset for your dog, that of a contributing member in your family.

Experience Matters

“For more than 10 years we’ve remained active in all matters dog and continued to practice dog training and have found that in order to build on my initial effort towards harmony between the pet and the owner, I would also have also have to participate in a great deal of people training?! For 4 years  I was able to observe the daily regiments (bonding, grooming, training, reward) of two different focuses of K9 training; bomb detection and cadaver recovery. Initially I contributed by keeping stats and satisfying director needs when I should have been watching puppy body language and trainer confidence and fluidity. Over time I participated in many aspects of detection & retrieval training, and care & assist discipline and obedience.”

~ Mark David McGoo

Getting Started at A Big Dog House

What You Need to Provide: Current registration and proof of vaccination always required for puppy, rescues, re-acclimation programs and/or training & exercise regiment for level 2 intermediate and mature training.


Initial Consultation

Together we can discuss your goals, establish a time line, and produce realistic solutions that can fix behaviors. We utilize techniques that stimulate your dog to burn more energy improving both physical and mental heath.

Breed and temperament factored into cost. Each case is assessed individually so we can get to know your dog with respect to the breed. We board the dogs other places wont!

Your A Big Dog House trainer will customize a plan to your pets needs and times your both available. Our Trainers utilize short video clips so you can see and visualize the pet demonstrating productive alternative behavior, not demonstrating the unwanted action.  We will focus specifically on your dog and individual unwanted behavior needs. Our goal is for your dog to leave A BIG DOG HOUSE feeling healthy, loved, and acting like a contributor, not a destroyer. Clients see improvements in the dog’s demeanor immediately.

All invoices must be paid! (unless Net terms have been approved and agreed upon).

Leash Training

Leash Training

Many dog owners do not  realize, until they see someone else being pulled along  by  their pet,  that their animal is a “puller” as well.  Proper Leash walking lessons and practice may sound ludicrous to some but a dog that knows how to properly walk on a leash is usually a happy, healthy dog. When the dog is not pulling and you are not stressing about  being pulled, the dog’s temperament in general and his perception of what is expected while walking will improve. You become pleased and the dogs behavior shows improvement because it is pleasing you.

You’ve tried every technique known to mankind but your dog continues to drag you on every walk, through every doorway, barely avoiding passersby and chances of an incident report having to be filled.

What can we say? We have the dedicated time and the persistency to show your dog how to stop pulling, jumping and ruining the walk every time you pass that same red zone in your neighborhood.

There are tools like the “gentle leader,” “choke chain,” “short leash” or “prong collar” that minimize the pulling  and clumsiness of the misbehaving dog on leash.  Our handlers from A.B.D.H have experienced more failures in regards to the effect of the gentle leader than success but the dogs that were positively effected showed remarkable progress towards not pulling almost instantly.

Pricing for Leash Training

Pending your: location (gas&mileage) the dogs temperament and breed, and then eradicating of the negative escalating behavior, will have everything to do with pricing and we will  finalize our plan of attack together, before proceeding forward. min $55/ visit + gas.


Socialization Practice

It’s easier said than done and diverse social situations are not so convenient to create. A Big Dog House has boarded, rehabbed and assisted re-acclimating extreme cases from the shelter to their new permanent homes. There is progress and growth experienced with every project but when one is able to utilize other confident pack members (dogs), to model and mentor for the confused client (dog), one has a much better chance to experience success. The modeling and mentoring of other ABDH  members usually will influence the animal to participate or try commands that are not used to being used already.

Remember, some days are better than others with the socialization lessons and unless you have a simulator for creating situations, like the one Cesar Millan utilizes and built custom, your just gonna have to get out there and find out what is bothering that dog.

Socialization Practice costs $50 /visit +(fuel unless we have discussed other arrangements)

Puppy programs and “Boot Camps”

Theo and I discussing another
Theo and I discussing another bike ride

Book now for 2 weeks, 30 days or 6 weeks.

Puppy programs from A BIG DOG HOUSE can be carried out at A BiG DOG HOUSE or the customers house  and can be conducted in increments of 2,4 and 6 week increments. The owner of the dog and the trainer will discuss realistic expectations and form of payment at the initial consultation.  Provided that we can come up with an approach and schedule, this is when the first half of the payment is required, the second half due at the time of pet pick up.  Together we can and observe our successes and failures producing a K9 companion that will stay loyal and true.

Boot Camps differ in that your animal will participate in a designated training approach and will stay at A BIG DOG HOUSE for at least the first 75% of the program. Afterwords you and your ABDH trainer will discuss the transition process for getting you and your dog back into your home.

Are you missing your furry little friend because they are attending a training program or want to see the pet while you are away? I will forward images and/or recordings to puppy parents and post daily activities on facebook. Before you  leave we can set up Skype account and if I’m anywhere near my laptop, you will be able to see your furry little loved one via Skype!

Puppy Programs
Puppy Programs and Boot Camps available NOW!!

Puppy Programs or Boot Camps are $75/day (price pending breed and disposition

A Big Dog House instills important, positive, productive, fundamental behaviors necessary to promote sharper mental health, physical appearance, productive time and all around better disposition from your dog(s). As your dog’s esteem, confidence, and health improve so will the trust and bond between the dog, the trainer, and you.

Initiating a bond with a new furry friend is a commitment and choosing the right rescue or adopted pet really gives you an opportunity to experience success with that pet.  Make sure that you ask a lot of questions to experienced current dog owners.

Once the right dog is chosen, we can influence the bonding process by exercising and modeling your dog from other dogs in our pack.

Grooming, massage and food manipulation quickly lead to answered commands,  gains experienced from socialization practice and behaved leash walking lessons. Bonding, confidence and trust follow as the dog and handler mature together. After all, the dog really wants nothing more than to please you.