Short term, Cage Free Boarding

Theo cooling off in the back yard
Theo and Kyla cooling off in the back yard.

This is a view of our back yard at A BIG DOG HOUSE. We have two separate fenced in areas and an additional porch area here in the back and can accommodate dogs with different temperaments. The different secured areas include: obstacles, jumps, tunnels, and poles to teach your dog agility, balance, strength and confidence. Read Cesar Millan’s article on how to Create Your Own Obstacle Course on a Budget!

A BIG DOG HOUSE  utilizes a Cage Free, short term boarding approach. The term “Cage Free Boarding” is a comfortable co-existence your animal will experience when you order this premium package for your loved one. We have never been accused of warehousing customers pets in carriers and not interacting or providing services promised such as consistent outdoor areas or designated suite(s) for your special furry family member. In our experience, with the proper personal attention given by A Big Dog House staff, your dog will benefit from our Cage Free Boarding facility.


Why Upgrade to Cage Free Boarding?

Our belief system is that Short term, Cage Free Boarding requires a great deal of attention, patience, exposure and sometimes perseverance.  Our goal is to provide real-time, in home care in addition to activities, trips and exercise demonstrating the commitment to actually co-exist with your dog (your place or ours) while you cannot. The effects produced from that consistency, love, verbal praise, and attention combined with exposure to other resident K9s and their daily activities, produces results that are immediate.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact A BIG DOG HOUSE! Call Dave McGoo direct at 818.433.9767 for questions about lengthy stays out of town, senior dog requiring unique or exhausting demands, and tell us if you have a dog the other places will not take.


  • Initial consultation: When totally convenient, we have done these free of charge except for long distance customers who then cover fuel costs.) The meet and greet is absolutely necessary for all first time visitors.  If your out of the immediate area you will need to provide a permanent address & zip code for GPS navigation.                                                      approx free-$25-$50
  • Pick up or drop offs Be sure to schedule in advance for: any pet pick up and/or deliveries necessary, do not forget to schedule in advance! We utilize a Full Size Chevrolet Blazer so schedule your next transition or move from one apartment or residence to another, vacation, or out of town work project or deadline. 
  •                                              $50+ (gas and mileage included)

Short Term Pet Boarding is defined as an overnight stay at A BiG DOG HOUSE. Pricing will vary pending dog breed, maintenance, and temperament.

$50+/night is expected after filling out Pet/Client Information form and please provide food, meds and/or comfort item for your pet.

All of our trainers & staff strive to instill important, productive, fundamental behaviors necessary to  promote sharper mental health and all around better disposition when around other dogs and humans.

We introduce and embrace the term, “K thru 9″

The staff at A BIG DOG HOUSE (and most of the U.S.) understand that kindergarten through 9th grade is the accepted curriculum of our public school system and most students are required to proceed on to High School.  We adhere to the fundamental approach of utilizing positive association when interacting and training with all dogs (or cats).


Puppy Programs and Bootcamps

Choose from 2, 4, & 6 week training programs

We will hybridize any of our training programs to fit your dog, your budget, and the time your willing to invest. At the conclusion of your initial evaluation, please be prepared for 1/2 or full payment. This can be completed with cash, check, atm or debit card MC, VISA, AM EX or Discover.


Leash Training

Proper Leash Training is a discipline that is a direct reflection of the relationship you and your dog have together. Being pulled down the street by your working class dog is not appropriate at the beginning of the walk or any time else. This is a tedious skill that will be learned over time, not just one lesson but I will help you get going in the right direction. $25.00/visit + travel expenses


Socialization Practice

Socialization Exercises (Exposure): Charges for this category will be made on a case by case basis.
Practice makes perfect!! While there is no guarantee that every dog will perfect the art of being social with other animals, A Big Dog House can help. Persistence and patience is what it takes to “un-train” old negative behaviors and replace or instill contributing, productive behaviors in their place. $25 gas to and from +$25 per session

K9 Airport Shuttle Service $50+

*all other expenses for: dog training, activities away from home,
scheduled grooming & spa appointments,  should be paid immediately food and/or treats are expenses
that are due 50% at drop off and 50% when pet is returned.